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Daisy BB guns for sale

Crosman M1 rifle, Benjamin, HYScore, Many new Crosman pistols, plus Parris guns  listed below

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The Daisy Manufacturing Co. started in 1895 and was located in Plymouth Mi. until 1958. In 1958 they moved to Rogers Ark. and still make their famous model 25 pump and Red Ryder BB guns as well as a complete line of other air guns and accessories.

The Crosman Brothers Co. produced their first air gun in 1923. They later became the Crosman Arms Co. and now  Crosman Air Guns located in East Bloomfield, NY

The American Tool Works maker of Sterling, Upton and American bb guns was sold to Markham- King and then sold to Daisy in 1929.

* Daisy BB Gun #1
---  Daisy model 21 double barrel bb gun for sale
Daisy model 21 double barrel with the light colored plastic stock.
. This is a nice bb gun with one very small dent and a few light scratches. Shoots good.

$700.00  plus postage

* Daisy BB Gun # 2--- Daisy model 25 with
                  wood stock bb gun for sale MC15
Daisy model 25 made in Plymouth Mi about 1936. This is a very nice one but has one small rust spot just above the trigger. You can see the light spot in the picture. shoots good

$265.00  plus postage and insurance

* Daisy BB Gun #3 --- Daisy model 25
                    with wood stock inv DJ 5 
Daisy model 25 made in Plymouth Mi. This bb gun shows play wear and the blue is weak on parts of the barrel. This bb gun was made in the 1920's and has the 5 grove slide handle, the case hardened lever  and it shoots good. 

$250.00  plus postage

* Daisy BB Gun #4 --- Daisy model 300 scope for sale
Daisy model 300 scope and original mounts. The rubber eye piece was not made by Daisy

$150.00  plus postage

* Daisy BB Gun #5 ---  Daisy model 155 bb gun in box for sale
Daisy model 155 made in Plymouth Mi. about 1949. The bb gun is nice and shoots well but the shot tube will not screw out. It turns freely but does not come out ???. As you can see in the picture the box is rough.   

$70.00  plus postage

 * Daisy BB Gun #6 --- Daisy Red Ryder model 111 40
Daisy model 111 40 Red Ryder with cast iron cocking lever made in Plymouth Mi about 1946
Nice bb gun and shoots good.

$250.00  plus postage

*Daisy BB Gun  #7 --- Daisy
                                                          model 25 made
                                                          for Sears
Sears Roebuck model 799 1076 (Daisy 25). Made about 1970 and marked Sears Roebuck. Nice bb gun with a scratch on top of the barrel. Shoots good.

$175.00  plus shipping.

*Daisy BB Gun  #8 ---  Daisy
                                                          model 102 36
                                                          bb gun for
                                                          sale N1

Daisy model 102-36 made in Plymouth Mi about 1940. Shows play wear. Nickel plated, Shoots good.

$60.00  plus shipping.

*Daisy BB Gun  #9--- Daisy Buzz Barton bb
                                            gun for sale
Daisy model 103 33 Buzz Barton Super 1000 shot made about 1933. This is the first Buzz Barton that did not have Buzz Barton on the stock. The nickel finish is poor and the gun shoots weak. There are 2 bird kill notches in the top of the stock

$60.00  plus shipping.

*Daisy BB Gun  #10 --- Daisy model 856
                                                  pellet gun with scope
                                                  for sale
Daisy model 856 powerline with Daisy scope. A few small scratches in paint. This gun shoots great.

$.00  plus shipping. Sold

*Daisy BB Gun  #11--  Daisy model 102
                                                    36 bb gun for sale
                                                    KW 12
Daisy model 102-36 made in Rogers Ark. in the 60's. Shows a lot of play wear and is missing some paint. I do not see any dents or rust. Shoots good.

$40.00  plus shipping.

*Daisy BB Gun  #12--- Daisy model 155 bb gun
                                            for sale inv DJ13
Daisy model 155 made in Plymouth Mi. about 1947. The gun has a small  dent in the barrel. The gun shoots good.

$50.00  plus shipping.

* Daisy BB Gun #13-- Daisy
                  mode 98 parts gun for sale
Daisy model 98 Golden Eagle made in Plymouth Mi. The top gun is complete and shoots weak. The second gun is missing the trigger but the finish is much nicer than the other. Both stocks have the normal crack but no chips are missing.

$70.00  plus postage

*Daisy BB Gun #14 --- Daisy model
                              160 super scope pop gun for sale
Daisy model 160 super scope pop gun

$.00  plus postage Sold

*Daisy BB Gun #15 ---  Daisy
                                                          model 98
                                                          Golden Eagle
                                                          bb gun for
Daisy model 98 Golden eagle made in Plymouth Mi. about 1957. This is a hard bb gun to find that does not have a broken stock. I see a little rust just above the trigger. The gun is missing the sling. Shoots good

$.00  plus postage Sold

*Daisy BB Gun #16 --- Daisy
                                                          model 111 40
                                                          Red Ryder bb
                                                          gun for sale
                                                          inv DJ 4
Daisy model 111-40 Red Ryder made in Plymouth Mi. 1940-41. This is the copper band model with the cast iron lever and the small stock screw. The copper has worn off but if you slide the forearm band off the copper is still on the inside. The stock was cracked in the usual place and re-glued. They did a good job, You have to look for the crack line. Shoots good

$180.00  plus postage 

*Daisy BB Gun #17 --- Leather
                                                          six gun
Leather 6 gun holster. This is a quality thick leather drop loop holster. The wide part of the belt measures 36 inches and the holster measures 10 inches.

$40.00  plus postage

*Daisy BB Gun #18 --- Hubley cowboy gold cap gun for sale
Hubley gold Cowboy from the 1950's. The gun measures 11 1/2 inches. This cap gun shows play wear and the hammer spring is missing or broken. There is a very small chip in the grip (see the red line in the picture). Sold to restore or as a parts gun

$20.00  plus postage

*Daisy BB Gun #19--- Hubley cowboy cap gun
            nickel and parts
Hubley cowboy cap gun measures 11 1/2" long. Works fine, shows playwear. The spare parts are much nicer than they look in the picture

$30.00 plus postage

*Daisy BB Gun #20 --- Lazy
                  dog bomb WW 11 non explosive
WW 11 Lazy dog bomb "non explosive" The bom measures only 1 3/4 inches. It is my understanding that these were dropped from planes and they could penetrate a helmet or they were dropped over land mine fields.

$20.00  each plus postage

*Daisy BB Gun #21 --- Daisy gold color scope

$20.00   plus postage

*Daisy BB Gun #22 --- Daisy Red Ryder cocking lever

Daisy plastic cocking lever. This lever fits the Red Ryder1938B. I think it will fit any newer Daisy with the curve in the lever.

$15.00  plus postage. 

*Daisy BB Gun #23--- Daisy
            treasure chest map

This is a very good copy of the map that is always missing in the Stage Coach box.. Correct size on good heavy colored paper..

$12.00 free postage.

*Daisy BB Gun #24 --- Daisy quick kill

This is a 4 page booklet that Daisy had printed and it appeared in the Sept. 1967 edition of the Army digest. It takes you thru the steps the the Army just to teach solders "Quick Kill" shooting using Daisy bb guns. Daisy Heddon is on the back cover. This is original  not a copy

$15.00 plus postage

*Daisy BB Gun #25---  Daisy cork ball

Daisy cork ball bullet target with 50 cork ball paper targets made in Plymouth Mi. You unfold and  there is a clip to hold the paper targets. I am not sure the package is the original but fits the target??? 

$20.00  plus shippin

*Daisy BB Gun  #26 --- 
Daisy model 25 shot tube

Daisy model 25 shot tube, new style. will fit your model 25, 99, and the model 21 and 104 double barrels.

$30.00 plus shipping

*Daisy BB Gun  #27---
Daisy bb shot tube for model 25 for sale

Daisy BB shot tube. Fits model 21, 25, 99, 141, 142 and 104. Works good.

$.00 plus shipping Sold

    *M #1---  
 Army helment for sale
      inv M1        Can anyone tell me if this is a US helmet and what value it might have. Feel free to make an offer plus postage

*M 2 
Army helmet for sale 
       Can any one tell me what kind of helmet this is and a value? Notice it has a cover. Feel free to make an offer                                                                                                                 

*Daisy BB Gun #C 1--- Crosman M1 carbine plastic stock

Crosman model M1 plastic stock and plastic repo clip. Shoots good.

 $200.00 plus shipping.

*Daisy BB Gun #C 2 --- Crosman model V350 bb gun for sale
Crosman model V 350 slide barrel bb gun made about 1962. The gun shoots good. Notice the very small holes that were drilled in the wood. I can not figure out what they could have been for.
$60.00 plus shipping.

*Daisy BB Gun #C 3 --- Crosman model 150
      Co2 pistol

Crosman model 150 Co2 pistol. Crosman called this kit the 150 K model. It comes with targets pellets, metal bell target and paper work. The pistol and bell target are near mint . This is a great looking kit and has to be very hard to find in this complete condition.
The pistol leaks so I call an authorized Crosman repair man and he said new seals installed would cost $36.
$150.00 plus shipping.

* BB Gun # C 4--- Crosman model 357
                        pistol with holster

Crosman model 357 Co2 pistol with 6 in barrel. Holds Co2 and shoots good. The leather holster is not marked but it fits the pistol very well so it may be a Crosman

$50.00 plus shipping.

* BB Gun # C 5 --- Crosman SSP
                            250 pistol for sale
Crosman model SSP 250 Co2 .177 cal. pistol made about 1990. Looks good and shoot good. No leaks
$75.00  plus postage

* BB Gun # C 6 --- Cosman model 1322
                            pistol for sale
Crosman model 1322 pellet pistol made made from 1981-86. The pistol looks like new but will not pump up.

$30.00 plus shipping.

BB Gun # C 7--- Crosman
                                      owners manuals

Crosman original owners manuals in nice condition.

$10.00 each plus postage

* BB Gun # H 1 --- HyScore 800
HyScore model 800 made about 1960. This is the strongest sounding spring type pistol I have fired. Notice the chip out of the plastic grip.
$40.00 plus shipping.


* BB Gun # BB76 --- 

Owners manual for the Pioneer BB 76 bb gun. The color did not come out correct in the picture. The manual is a samon color, Looks gold in picture. This could be a copy???  The instructions are on the other side

$15.00 free postage

** BB Gun # R1 --- Ruger 1022 manual
      for sale

Ruger 10 22 owners manaul. Like new condition

$10.00 free postage

** BB Gun # P1 --- 
Parris pop guns. The top gun is a nice very well made gun but will not cock
The second gun is just for parts and a nice sling

$30.00 plus postage for the pair

Pictured below are just some of the many bb guns I have sold


Daisy model 579 Texas Ranger set. This is a very very hard set to find. The pistols show a little play wear but should clean up nice. The box has some issues like 2 torn corners on the lid and 1 on the bottom.
This set will still display very nice. The book on the history of the Texas Rangers is missing. 

Daisy model 21 double barrel.  Looks great and shoots good. 


Daisy #111 model 40 Red Ryder with the brass bands and the Fred Harmon stock. 

  Daisy model 98 Eagle with scope and box. The bb gun is in very good condition and shoots good. The box has a few minor issues so sak questions Sold

  Daisy model
      1894 State of Texas rangers bb gun for sale S 5

 Daisy model 1894 The State of Texas, Texas Rangers with wood stock and forearm.  The bb gun is near mint, the box has a few issues like clear tape. Comes with a copy of the letter from the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco Texas endorsing this bb gun. Not to be confused with the Plastic stock Texas Ranger. Ask questions


Daisy model 140 WW ll defender made only in 1942. This is a very hard bb gun to find.  Sold



Daisy model 1894 Wells Fargo made about 1975. Very nice Bb gun but shoots weak.  I will give you a repair mans # that will make it shoot like new for you.  This is the one you have been waiting for.


Daisy model 95 Quick Skill set. The set is missing 1 of the pairs of shooting glasses and 2 tubes of bb's. Comes with a free 16 page copy of the Quick Skill book. This is the civillian model of the bb gun Daisy made for thegoverment  to teach troops instinct shooting with out sights on the gun  The bb gun is near mint but the box has a few issues so ask questions


Daisy wooden Victory gun. Clicker works good. This gun was made during WWll when they could not get metal. 


Daisy model 1894 Texas Ranger Commemorative rifle  with the history of the Texas Rangers book
. This is a  very nice bb gun and very hard to find one for sale. Sorry, but no box.  Sold

Daisy model 1938B Christmas Story. As new in blister pack with Christmas Story decal on front.. Blister pack is cut at the top


Daisy model 
104 double barrel made about 1938. This is a very nice gun but has 2 dents in the barrel.
You do not get many chances to add a model 104 to your collection. If you wait it will be gone.

Daisy model 179 western pistol. Nice.  Comes with the original owners manual and a copy of a Daisy velocity chart

Daisy model 111-40 Red Ryder set no. 311 with scope and box. also included is a copy of Scope Dope.
  The box is very sturdy but has several repaired places. As always ask questions. Sold


Daisy 118 Targetteer pistol, box, targets and instructions.  


Daisy model 25 pump V7? made in Plymouth Mi. about 1936 works fine.


Sheridan Model C9   Silver Streak

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