Structo's made in the 1920's and 30's.
I also want  parts, trailers, boxes, original advertising and paperwork that came with these Structo toys

Daisy and other brands of BB guns
Some of the toys,  BB guns and Crosman pistols that I would like to buy are pictured below on this page

Email   1936sedan@sbcglobal.net
You will need to type or copy and paste my email into your email
Phone:  C 281 732 7763 10am til 10pm central time

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To see the bb guns I have for sale click on "Back To Main Page" then click on "Daisy"

wanted Remington
      model 26 bb gun

Remington model 26 bb gun.
 It came in a blued and painted model.
 Will pay top dollar for a nice working model

Wanted to buy # 1

Daisy model 61 cap
Daisy model 61 cap gun
This cap gun was made by Nichols cap guns for Daisy.
It has a rotating cylinder and takes a 3 piece bullet

Wanted to buy # 1B
Kimg model 5
Daisy model 105 Junior and 105 Ranger (made for sears)

Wanted to buy # 2

                    model 109 39 Lone Scout

Daisy model 108-39 Lone Scout

Wanted to buy #3

Matchless bb gun
I would like to buy a working Matchless bb gun.

Wanted to buy #4

  Daisy model 140 Defender bb gun
Daisy model 140 Defender BB gun.

Wanted to buy #5

wanted Daisy model 40 Defender bb gun

Daisy model 40 Defender BB gun with bayonet. I will buy broken guns for parts as long as the wood stock is not broken
Wanted to buy #6

          Daisy model 111-40 bb gun

Daisy model No. 111 model 40 Red Ryder with wooden stock.
I will also buy broken parts guns as long as the wood stock is not cracked
Wanted to buy #7

       model 21

      model 104 Double barrel bb gun model 104
wanted daisy model
      410 double barrel pop gun Model 410

Daisy model #21 double barrel BB gun with plastic stock and forearm
The Daisy #104 double barrel with wooden stock and forearm.
The Daisy #410 double barrel with plastic stock and forearm, The 410 is a pop gun that does not shoot bb's
All 3 look very much alike.

Wanted to buy #9

Daisy model 25 centential bb gun

Daisy model 25 Centennial
Wanted to buy #10

Daisy model 95 Quickskill bb gun

Daisy model 95 Quick Skill  with or without box. This bb gun does not have a front or rear sight
I also need a pair of the yellow glasses

Wanted to buy # 11

Daisy model 99 bb

Daisy model 99 Bb gun. I also need the model  299 and 499. They are all the same bb gun with different model #'s
Wanted to buy # 12

Daisy model 98 Eagle
          bb gun
Daisy model 98 /eagle bb gun

Wanted to buy # 13
Daisy 179 Weatern Auto

Daisy model 179 sold by Western Auto stores
I am looking for any model 179 in a store box like Sears or Wards

Wanted to buy #14

Daisy model 179 BB six gun.  They are all not marked 179

Wanted to buy #15

Want to buy DEaisy Texas Ranger pistol set

Daisy Texas Ranger pistol set

Wanted to buy #16

Daisy model 118

Daisy model 118 bb pistol
..  notice the 2 metal targets on a wire in the box


Wanted to buy #17

Wanted Bullseye
            and sharpshooter rubberband guns

Bulls eye and Sharpshooter rubber band guns as well as Aeromatic Glider guns

Wanted to buy #18

Daisy model New
          bb gun

Daisy model 20th
          century bb gun

          model 100 38 bb gun
Globe bb gun
Atlas bb gun
Any  break over type bb gun. These bb guns break open at the stock like an old shot gun to cock.
These bb guns were made by Daisy, King, Globe,Atlas and other companys

Wanted to buy #19

want to buy Daisy 799 bb gun
Daisy model 1894 made for Sears. Will have a model # starting with 799 and will have a gold receiver

Wanted to buy #20

      model 1894 State of Texas 

Daisy model 1894 State of Texas Ranger and the regular Texas Ranger

Wanted to buy #21

  Daisy model
      30 30 Buffalo Bill bb gun WTB

Daisy model 30 30 Buffalo Bill Scout

Wanted to buy #22

Daisy model 1894
          Wells Fargo bb gun WTB
Daisy Model 1894  Wells Fargo

Wanted to buy #23

  Daisy model 1894 NRA

Daisy model 1894 NRA comes in a set with a model 179 pistol

Any Daisy model 1894 bb gun with a wooden stock and forearm
Any Daisy model 1894 with a plastic stock and forearm

Wanted to buy  #24

Daisy model 320 red targt

Daisy red plastic target it also came in yellow with black spinners
With or without the pistols


Daisy cleaning kit. They came in Red and gold


Daisy bb gun scopes
Daisy model 303 and model 300 scopes


wanted Crosman M1 bb gun

Crosman M1 bb gun
Comes with a wooden or plastic stock

Wanted to buy #26

Ulter Hi Pioneer
              BB 76, bb gun
Ultra-Hi Pioneer BB76 bb gun, made in Japan
Wanted to buy #27
      Shiloh Co2 pistol

Crosman model 1861 Shiloh Co2 pistol

Wanted to buy # 28

wanted Crosman
          single action Co2 6 guns

Crosman  Co2 pistols,  Models  SA 6, 44 peacemaker, 36 Frontier, 45 Hahn.

They all look just alike. Crosman just changed the color of the hand grips, and the model #

Wanted to buy # 29


Daisy cap gun
      model 161

Daisy Spittin image cap gun with rotating cylinder

Wanted to buy # 30


Wanted to buy # 31

cardboard bb shot tubes

Vintage BB shot tubes,  cardboard, tin or wood made for hardware stores and companies like Sears, Wards, Ranger, Roses, Remington, Winchester and many more

Wanted to buy # 32

Daisy model 21 owners manual wanted

Daisy model 21 owners manual. It would be folded in 1/4
As you can see mine got soaked in oil

Wanted to buy # 33

Any old bb gun made by Sterling, Upton, Markham King, Remington,  Erie Iron Works, King,  Wyandotte,  Quackenbush and Matchless and many more

Structo Wanted to buy

Structo # 40 roadster

Structo #40 roadster
This car was a ready built model and has the windup key on the side
Sorry about the quality of the pisyure but it is the only on I could find.

Wanted to buy # S1

Structo Ready Built Models

I am looking for the truck and the #40 car. I can not read the model # on the truck.

Wanted to buy # 1 B

Structo #12 Deluxe Roadster
Notice solid wheels.
Was sold as a kit.

Wanted to buy # S2


Structo Roadster #10
Notice spoked wheels.
Was sold as a kit

Wanted to buy # S2B

Structo #44 Caterpillar and trailer
I would also like to buy just the trailer

Wanted to buy # S3

want to buy Structo Yuba tractor

Structo #16 Yuba tractor and trailer

I would also like to buy just the trailer.
Was sold as a kit.

Wanted to buy # S4


Structo #11 High Wheel tractor
There were 3 different plows and a trailer that could be bought for this tractor.
Was sold as a kit

Wanted to buy  # S5


Structo #14 truck
Was sold as a kit.

Wanted to buy  # S6

Struto large tank

Structo #58 Tank
This large tank winds with a lever.

Wanted to buy  # S7

  Structo large dozer

Structo #59 
large caterpillar tractor.
Winds with a lever.

Wanted to buy # S8


 This is the grader that came with the large dozer pictured above.

Wanted to buy # S9

structo race car wanted

Structo Race car  #8

Wanted to buy  # S10


Structo Ready Built High Wheel tractor
This tractor came put togeather,  not as a kit.

Wanted to buy # S11

Structo set  

Structo #6 Builders Outfit  ( Erector set ) Made by the Structo Toy Co. in the early 1900's


  Structo set 4

Structo #4 Outfit ( Erector set )
Wanted any Structo outfit set #1 to #7 or any parts or boxes for the sets.


I would like to buy any older Daisy BB guns

I would like to buy any of the newer Daisy BB guns that are limited editions or commemoratives made in Rogers Ark.

  1959 Impala

I want to buy Rare parts  for this real 1959 Impala. Call or email
Air conditioning vents, spotlights, grille guard, power seat parts, power window parts, smokeless ash tray, rear window shade, Autotronic electric eye, any of the stainless or aluminum trim, air breather for 4 barrel or 2x3 carberator, interior trim

BILL 281 482 6334


email me at 1936sedan@sbcglobal.net

Call me at: H 281 482 6334 C 281 732 7763   10am to 10pm central time