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* Misc. Toys # 1 --- Mills antique slot machine for sale
Mills QT antique 5 cent slot machine. The machine looks complete with the exception of a piece of glass. Does not work and I do not have the keys. Seems to still have money in it.
It is well worth the cost to repair it and maybe even restore it.

*  .00 Sold

* Misc. Toys # 1A --- Arcade cast iron fire ladder
Arcade cast iron Fire ladder truck with white rubber tires.The truck is 13" long with out the ladders. It is missing the hose reel. I see no cracks or broken parts. Has Arcade 1941 cast in side the cab.

*  $.00 plus postage Sold

* Misc. Toys # 1B --- Arcade
                                                          cast iron John
                                                          Deere farm
Arcade cast iron John Deere farm tractor. The tires are in bad condition and it is missing the steering rod. It has numbers cast inside but I can not read them.

*  $.00 plus postage Sold

* Misc. Toys # 1C --- Collectors guide to American Transporation toys
If you collect transportation toys made before 1941 then this book is a must. 424 pages of toys and pictures from All American products to Wolverine. The book is not perfect but it is very nice. See picture
*  $60.00 plus postage

* Misc. Toys # 2 --- Vintage Tyco train set for sale
Tyco vintage Santa Fe ho set. I think the red boxes means the train was made in the mid 1960's. As you can see in the picture the boxes run from poor to very good. I know very little about trains but I think every thing is complete??? I am not sure the engine works, I
could not get the wheels to turn.

* $00 plus postage or best offer Sold

* Misc. Toys # 3 --- 1955
                Buddy L Texaco Tanker truck
Buddy L GMC Texaco tanker truck made about 1955. As you can see it needs a good cleaning or restored. I see no dents or rust that will leave Pitts. The 2 rear tires on this side have holes in them. The other side of the truck is much better.
*  $.00 plus postage Sold


* Misc Toys # 4 --- 

IPSWICK cAR. It is my  understanding that these were made in the 70's as a copy of the original   German Carette tinplate toy cars made in 1919 . Featured on page 54 of the  Dec. issue of Antique Toy World. I have 8 different  models. They are pressed steel and are about 11" long. They are put together with what looks like brass bolts. I can send pictures of the others

 * $25.00  each  plus postage

* Misc. Toys  # 5 ---  

 The decals say "Atomico" It is 17" long and made of hard thick plastic. The front comes off to hold "D" cell batteries.

* $150.00 plus shipping

* Misc. Toys  # 6 ---  

 Barbie Hot Wheels

#1 1994, only 7000 made. 
#2 1994,  only 8000 made. As new in  blister packs.

$150.00 for the pair  plus shipping.

 * Misc Toys  # 7 ---     
Barclay cars  These are very nice.

*  $40.00 each plus postage

  * Misc. Toys   # 8 ---  LADDER CHAIN STRUCTO ? ? ?

 1 Foot of ladder chain.
This may be the right size for Structo. ??
* $5.00  plus shipping

 * Misc. Toys  # 9 ---  ladder chain buddy l doepke

 6 Foot of ladder chain, fits Buddy L and Doepke.

* Misc. Toys  # 10 ---  Corgi c1265,
        box only

CORGI   #C1265 Volvo Globe trotter. Box only for the Texaco truck

* $10.00 plus shipping.

* Misc.
Toys   # 11 ---  

 Renwall plastic

 #103 Sedan blue 4 1/2" $15.00.--- # 103 Renwall sedan 2 toned 4 1/2" $18.00. --- #93 Renwall red delivery sedan has hair line crack in side, $15. -- - #62 Renwall yellow pickup $10.00.

Thomas Toys #128 Taxi  $40.00.

All for  $40.00    plus shipping

 * Misc. Toys # 12 ---  

 Shell diecast race cars

 Sold a Shell stations a few years back.  As new

* $5.00 Each plus shipping

 * Misc. Toys  # 13  ---  Toy
                  telephone ploes for sale

The black ones are metal

*$20.00 for the lot plus shipping 

  * Misc. Toys  # 14  --- 

M ATCHBOX  TEXACO   Indy race car.   Gram Hill

Dated 1992. as new on card

$10.00   plus shipping

* Misc. Toys  # 15---   

Hard plastic cars Made by Dime store dreams.
They sold in stores about 7 years ago. They are now very hard to find. 
  They are very very nice and  have very nice colors.
  * $10.00 
each plus shipping --- 

* Misc. Toys  # 16 ---   1991 Dodge Stealth RT Turbo
1991 Dodge Stealth RT Turbo Dealer promo. I opened this box for the first time to take the picture

* $35.00 plus shipping

 * Misc. Toys  # 17 --- 

 1991?  .
Corvette convertible AMT #8923 dealer promo "Americas Corvette".

* $25.00 plus shipping

* Misc Toys # 18 --- Toy bales of hat for sale

Toy bales of hay. They look good as a load on the back of a truck


 * $5.00 plus postage only one left

* Misc Toys # 19 --- Texas Parks and Wildlife pin
Texas Parks and wildlife  pen. I am not sure if it is real or not because it is plastic

* $5.00 plus postage

Below are a few of the toys I have sold

garton pedal car for sale  ----GARTON KIDILLAC. PRO RESTORED.

  ---- Ertl Big A Auto Parts truck. Sold at Big A auto  parts stores in the 1980's. It is as new and has only been out of the box  when I took the picture.  


Texaco jet fuel truck in
        the box.----- TEXACO JET FUEL TRUCK. The truck is as new.
  The box is missing  1 end flap.


vintage Texaco Star Racer for sale --- 1982  #7 TEXACO STAR RACER.



1938? ERECTOR SET # 9 1/2 

This set builds the parachute jump.  All original, including the chutes.

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I am not a business or a dealer. I am just an old retired guy selling off some of my 30 year collection a few toys at a time. What I do not sell will go to the grandkids.

I have been buying and selling on Ebay for a number of years as "1936sedan" and have over 480 100% positive feedbacks

Thanks, BILL


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